Saturday, 26 May 2007

site damaged

Site Damaged by City of Sunderland CouncilPutting People First? There was once a boy who was under the care of Sunderland Social Services, in a home called Witherwack House. That boy was raped and beaten by care workers. Sunderland Social Services, Sunderland Councillors and politicians all knew about that little boy and other children being raped and abused, every day, and yet chose not to act. Councillors still in office, council officers still in post - all have the knowledge of who was abused and where and somehow they sleep at night. And yet, despite their guilt, there is still one man within the City of Sunderland who wishes to fling abuse at those who have been raped, beaten and tortured. Not being content with knowing the terrible things that were done to the children, a sad individual within the City of Sunderland Council has decided to post abuse about one of those abused. How do we know? Because every visitor to our forums has their IP address logged, which means little to the normal everyday user, but to a visitor using a corporate computer, a telltale signature is left by their IP: - a number which is registered as City of Sunderland at those that are "Putting People First" The IP address was posted above with the Council's name and shortly after, the thread mysteriously disappeared on 25 May 2005. It turns out the person posting abuse from City of Sunderland Council had panicked and made a bogus complaint to the hosts of the Dadsplace forums, in a bid to have his details removed. He then made a further complaint which resulted in Dadsplace forums being deleted altogether. This situation is interesting given the following:Staff are forbidden from visiting Dadsplace from the Council's offices, so who broke the rule?Someone working within City of Sunderland Council who is cognisant of the abuse that has happened in Sunderland over the years and is unhappy about the truth coming out.... why would that be?Has the person posting abuse, got permission to visit Dadsplace and if so, from whom? Or are they high enough in office to not need permisiion?Is the mystery council abuse poster one of the many involved with the cases of child sex abuse in Sunderland, who has worked hard to cover the abuse up?What "people" are Sunderland Council "putting first"? Those who have been abused in their homes or those who have a vested interest in covering up child sex abuse?Sunderland has long had the name of Corruption City and this is for many reasons. One of the most shameful however, is the city's shameful history of child sex abuse in local authority homes, which has gone unaddressed and covered-up. This latest farce of one of the Council's employees posting abuse against a survivor of abuse, how will Council officers respond? Will we see the usual clamp down and silent treatment? Will we see the usual cover ups by Councillors? Or will we see what Dadsplace want: Identification of the perpetratorAppropriate disciplinary action for breach of Council regulations on use of Council resourcesA public and private apology to the survivor of sexual abuse who was named, abused and embarrassedDadsplace has once again been attacked and once again we are still here, much to the dislike of our local corrupt politicians, public servants and councillors. The loss of message forums is no big deal, we have new ones - but it does show the lengths these people will go to to silence the vocie of truth and reason.

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